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What I was thinking in the middle of the night:

My head is whirring with many things. I'm sitting here with the modem up, but without an irc window open or any music on. I almost always have irc running when I'm online, and I usually listen to music while I'm working, but today I want to be able to write without any distractions. I have seemingly 101 different ideas going round that I want to note down before I forget, and the attention span of a goldfish (look! shiny!) - running a conversation at the same time would not be a good idea.

The post I'm working on isn't likely to be finished in the next few minutes. I've already spent more than 2 hours on it, and I posted it about an hour ago - but since then I've realised that I left out lots of things I meant to include, so it's back to the drawing board with it. Blame loserjabber for crashing on me when I was in the middle of it...

I wanted to draw your attention to Richard's journal, as I know far more people read mine than his. He doesn't post in it very much because he's usually too stressed to sit down and write anything, but everything that he does write is worth reading. He wrote recently about the dangers of Amsterdam, and it was very funny, so I'd recommend it.

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