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Floor (part four).

Just uploaded & annotated another seven pictures: gallery. I advise you to start with the gallery view so you can read the comments and compare the pictures taken at different times before zooming in to look at the detail of the woooood.

It's very nice wood, isn't it? I wanted to get much smoother wood - Karelia do four different designs. I really liked the Select variety, where the wood in successive strips is carefully selected to ensure an match as pefect as is possible with a natural substance. But Richard insisted on getting the Natur variety, which is slightly more eclectic - he said it was pointless getting real wood that looked like plastic laminate. I think he made the right decision.

Still can't get over what a terrible state the carpet's in. It was only fitted in December 1997 or January 1998, when the previous people moved in - you have to wonder what on earth they *did* to it to get it so manky! I suppose it probably didn't help that Bodge the Builder GLUED it to the floorboards in most places rather than using carpet tacks. Not many foam rubber underlays could survive glue intact.

I've decided that when we finish the front room, we'll celebrate by taking arty photos of Richard nude, lying on the wooden floor with his hair all around him and the rudest parts covered by my brown blanket. I think the contrast of the pale skin and warm red wood and dark fur will make lovely wuzzie porn for people into hairy geek boys. For some reason, he is quite resistant to this idea, even though I told him I'll post the photos on the internet so we can make lots of money! Richard is strange sometimes :D
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