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hooray the internets!

So I was feeling guilty & depressed because it's Richard's birthday on Thursday and I hadn't got him anything yet due to house renovations sucking all my will to live spare time, and then I found the most perfect present ever for him courtesy of I Want One Of Those.

Time T-shirt. Has the time in big numbers across the chest. Ideal for the geek who retreats into his workshop to emerge a mere 4 hours later when his partner yells that it's 2.30am and he really should be going to bed; blinking and complaining how he only just got home and he hasn't got anything done yet. Oh yes.

Also seen on my travels & rather cool (although I don't think I'll be buying one for Richard, he has a shiny bling digital watch already): Binary Watch. Apparently also available for girls.

I want one of these: Sun Jar. You stick it on the windowsill and it "absorbs" sunlight with a solar panel, then when it gets dark outside, the jar lights up with the energy it stored during the day. Cool.

I rather like these Tube-shaped Doorstops (made of silicone, not natural rubber!) and Tape Timer too; but with Uncommon Goods being a US-based site with extortionate international shipping rates, I think I'll look for an alternative supplier.
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