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beware the sporks

Gah. Didn't go to Cambridge yesterday. My gall bladder was hurty, and it's a bad idea to travel too far from home in that state in case it decides to go critical. Granted, it wasn't that bad and this is the first time since March that it's been even as bad as it was yesterday (I hope this is grammatical?), but I didn't want to push my luck. Also, I was snotty & wheezy & just generally felt like death warmed up.

So I will have to attempt to meet nmc next Saturday "for breakfast" when he passes back through London. I'm somewhat afraid of what "for breakfast" might mean, but I'm hoping his flight leaves from Heathrow rather than Gatwick. If so, it's reasonably trivial for me to get up, stagger 10 minutes down the road, and get on a 285 bus. I don't even have to be awake for that, just functional enough to move. 55 minutes of bus journey is usually long enough for me to wake up :)

I'm in a BAD MOOD. Went into town to buy Guitar Hero II, and although Game had a huge poster of it in the window, and the release date poster behind the counter said 10th November, there was no evidence of it in the shop. After wandering around inanely for about 10 minutes because Playstation 2 games have been shunted off to occupy a space barely bigger than the GameCube section (WTF?), I eventually found a sales droid. He consulted the book of release date stuffs, and discovered it has for some reason been pushed back to 24th. I want to play the Trogdor the Burninator song! _And_ I want to hear the new Freezepop song! Bah! *eviscerates whoever was responsible with a rusty spork*
Tags: my evil gall bladder, video games

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