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warning signs, tool abuse, dynamo lights and SHINY LEGGINGS

A few assorted & unrelated links, otherwise known as "I've had this page open in my browser for 2 weeks now and I really should close it to make space for other tabs."

Warning Signs for Tomorrow. From, uh, someone at the Cuppa Joe forum. I feel that "Group Intellect" and "Cognitive Hazard" need to be applied to a lot of the internet forums out there, particularly the official Sims 2 BBS and Myspace... I'm also ridiculously amused by the logarithmic scale idea. (I *like* log scales, ok?!).

From wuzzie, who will never update his livejournal even with an amusing link: A Robot Builder's Tool Dictionary (also applies to other forms of engineering). The part where I fell off the sofa laughing was EIGHT-FOOT LONG DOUGLAS FIR 2 x 4 followed by TWEEZERS, although PHILLIPS SCREWDRIVER is also extremely funny.

From epi_lj: Pedalite: the only non battery-dependent bicycle pedal light. In a fit of genius these bicycle pedals not only have a dynamo, but also a capacitor so they can store charge. Apparently they continue to flash for at least 5 minutes after you stop pedalling, unlike my tricycle lights which last 30 seconds if you're lucky. Sadly, the company is small and does not have the resources to create a folding pedal version, which makes me sad. I'm planning to email them and suggest linking up with Brompton or Di Blasi or one of the other folding cycle manufacturers, because I really want some of these pedals.

Found kinda by accident when I was searching through the website to find out how big American Apparel ladies' t-shirt sizes were to see if I needed Large or Extra Large (apparently Large, although I'll reserve judgement on that until I've tried the t-shirt on): Lamé Leggings. Unfortunately, the largest size they come in is Large, which is US size 8-10, UK size 12-14 or European size 40-42. I think that one of those sizes is a lie, because I'm currently wearing some purple leggings from H&M that are size 40 which I'm sure were sold as either UK 14 or 16. Anyway, I need a pair of the silver leggings, or possibly several, and I hope the size lie is in my ample backside's favour. Else someone who's a bit smaller than me will be gaining a free pair of SHINY silver legs, and Richard will be sad.

From Gizmodo, which like Boing Boing, Shiny Shiny and treehugger is one of those blogs I could fall into given a bored half hour and not emerge from for another 4 hours: Franken-Elmo: Man in Virgina Turns Tickle Me Elmo Guitar Into Working Guitar Hero Controller. This rocks.

Right, I'm off to finish putting together the last 2 chapters of my ongoing Sims story so I can upload it and FINALLY install Open For Business :D Back later.
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