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several posts in one, because I'm tired and lazy.

I have Teh Snot. For days I thought it was "just" allergies, but last night it abruptly turned into a fully-fledged cold-like thing, with violent coughing and sneezing. I've cancelled my students today in the hope that staying in bed will sort me out, because tomorrow we're supposed to be starting Phase 2 of The Floor Project. Bah.

I've mostly not been here because I've been playing my imported Pokemon Diamond and Learning Japanese The Pokemon Way (I have a half-finished post about that to make, actually). But now I'm mostly not here because I'm attempting to finish some number of the half-finished Sims stories I have lying around the place. I've had Open For Business for three weeks, maybe four, and I haven't even installed it yet!

Saw the World's Worst Cyclist yesterday. He was riding on the wrong side of the road, in the dark, without lights, a helmet or any kind of visibility clothing, weaving around and wobbling because he was busy typing a text message into his mobile phone. Uhuh. Idiot.

Managed to worry people the other night when I disappeared from irc saying "it's become the time of night when Richard & I yell at each other", and I wanted to write about how this is entirely normal and nothing to worry about. But my brain isn't doing coherent, so back to the Sims with me. I'll talk to you later :)
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