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acid and cellulose.

Lately I've been feeling like I don't even have enough time to live my life, let alone write about it. I suspect all the busyness is going to slow down over Christmas, but not stop completely - while I lose some of my students because they go home for the holidays, I gain other students who come home to London. Plus it's not just work that's insanely busy. The floor is taking up large amounts of my time & motivation. And when the bedroom floor is finished, there's still the landing floor, and the bathroom, and the spare room... and the paintwork in the bathroom... and getting the windows fixed. Honestly, owning a house is like one non-stop massive DIY project. Actually, strike the "like" out of that sentence - it is one non-stop massive DIY project.

I also still have Teh Snot, and am thus needing to schedule something like 12 hours a day to sleep :/ This is an improvement over the 15 hours I slept on Thursday night, but still fairly incompatible with getting stuff done.

We got a bottle of concentrated sulphuric acid in the post on Thursday :D I am going to keep it on my desk to scare my students with. And if someone hands me a completely appalling piece of work, I shall feed it to the conc H2SO4 for its opinion, and then cackle evilly and point out if it could do that to the recently-living cellulose, just think what it could do to organic matter like you... No, of course not, it's going to be stored in a plastic box on a shelf in Richard's workroom marked "Beware of the leopard conc. sulphuric acid", but I was enjoying that mad scientist fantasy for a while there.

The bedroom floor continues. Richard & I are camping out with our mattresses in the front room. A moment of sheer "us"ness - sitting side-by-side in the bed together playing with our laptops. Ye-es. There have been fewer "buried treasures" this time, just an extremely worn ha'penny from 1864 and an old newspaper, but the newspaper's quite interesting - I might type some of it in later for your amusement (yes, with the copious free time that I have so much of). We remembered to put the time capsule in this time. It has the various coins we found under the floor, a 1p and 2p coin from 2006, a US 1 cent, a Euro 1 cent, and a French half-franc that was masquerading as a 5p coin in Richard's change a few weeks ago. That will thoroughly confuse whoever digs the floor up in 20 years time, I'm sure.
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