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Am still so ridiculously apathetic. It's not normal for SAD to kick my butt this much, but I swear the light levels are especially low this year. I keep on not getting round to stupidly minor things, like writing an email, because they'd be too much effort. Earlier today I wrote an entire livejournal entry in my head while unloading the dishwasher, and I simply haven't got the energy to type it out. I just want to crawl into bed and sleep, even when I'm not tired.


Things I have failed to write about recently include the dramatic car crash outside our house last Saturday night/Sunday morning at 1.30am. A drunk driver skidded across the road and plunged through the garden walls of two houses opposite, then reversed with wheels spinning madly, and lurched off. They struck a parked car - not badly - but also almost killed a passing pedestrian. I was in the front room upstairs as we're still "camping out", and got the registration number. It was a black hatchback - with my great knowledge (!) of cars, I thought it was either a VW or Renault. One of the other witnesses knew it was a VW Golf, and we called 999 immediately, afraid for the damage that could be caused elsewhere in the town or for other people's lives. Richard & I then waited up until 3am in case the police wanted to talk to us, but they didn't come round until 9am, and got us out of bed. You'd have thought with a registration number and full description of the car that'd be enough to get someone, but nooo - the police need to know who was driving. Like I could see the driver from upstairs, in the dark, a couple of houses further down the road :/ All I saw was that they had a head. I have a very vague feeling there were at least two people in the car, but like that narrows it down.
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