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SAD and a Christmas Poll.

Today it was sunny when I woke up. Thus it only took half an hour of lying in front of the bright light + window for me to get myself out of bed, in comparison to yesterday when it was violently grey and drizzly, when it took me an hour and a half to get up. This doesn't seem like coincidence. Also, today my brain was fully booted by the time I got up, allowing me to get useful work done before my first student; whereas yesterday I continued to feel sleepy and brain-dead for several hours and wandered around like a zombie, until I went into the ridiculously brightly-lit shopping centre and achieved sufficient radiation from incandescent supermarket strip lighting. Hrm.

The red cover/reflector of my back tricycle light has fallen off somewhere in Kingston. I suspect it's going to be a Right Arse to get another one, as it's a weird proprietary light not a standard shape or size. Also hrm.

Am finally attempting to get organised for Christmas. Here follows a poll:
Poll #887574 Christmas Card Poll 2006

Do you want to receive a Christmas card from h-l (& Richard)?

Yes, I really want a card.
Yes, but only if it's not too much bother.
No. Bah humbug!

Do I already have your address?

Yes, I haven't moved recently.
Not sure, I'll give it to you again.
No, it's new and/or you haven't sent me paper mail before.

You'll notice that there's no "I don't care" option. That's because I want to know whether you want a card or not, which is a binary choice. I figure that anyone who ticks "Yes, but only if it's not too much bother." knows that I'll send them a card if I have sufficient energy & motivation, and won't if I don't.

Comments are screened so you can type in your address or link to a post that has it in. Also tell me to whom the envelope should be addressed and the names of any partners, children, housemates or pets who should be included, unless you know that I know about them already :D

Oh yeah - I've almost certainly missed the last posting date for anyone outside the UK, but I'll send you a card anyway if you'd like one. There's 12 days of Christmas, after all.
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