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The MOST OVER THE TOP sim story ever!

So, I had this situation in one of my ongoing sim stories. Unearthly Tormented and her girlfriend Willow Midlock went off to university, and decided to "date other people" for a while before settling down. Of course, it was my decision: I was getting thoroughly bored with the idea of sims meeting each other as teenagers, going steady, going to university together, and then graduating and getting married. I didn't think that was very realistic (not that much of Sims 2 is, but that was worse than usual!). So I took the Age Transition Fixes - Teens Keep Loves hack out, and swapped in the other version.

However, what happened was that Unearthly dated a bunch of other people, but didn't fall in love with any of them. She just wasn't attracted to other sims, and all her Wants stayed attached to Willow, even though they weren't in love anymore. Meanwhile Willow had quite a heavy relationship going with a dormie called Candice - a girl with high Body skill who liked to beat people up. I'd always planned for Unearthly & Willow to get back together eventually, but now there was Candice in the picture as well.

So, me being me, I chose the "Embrace the power of AND" option. Flipped all three sims over to being Romance sims, let them all fall in love with each other, then flipped Unearthly and Willow back to Knowledge. As I have the Romance mod and all three girls have Playful + Outgoing + Nice > 15, this enabled them to be a polyfidelitous trio. Their mutual love stops slapping from occurring. Willow and Candice both ignore the other two making out in front of them, while Unearthly, who's the most Outgoing, actually nods with approval when Willow & Candice make out in front of her! Compersion, from a sim. Who'd have thought it?!

But then I had to come up with some elaborate plot device in the story to explain the idea of a three-person relationship to people who might not have ever encountered one before. This was rather difficult, so the story got abandoned for a few months while I worked on other chapters that were easier. Today, I decided to come back to it, and this is what I came up with.

Yes, it's really over the top. It's supposed to be!

Unearthly considered her options. It did seem that the "dating other people before settling down" experiment had run its course. She hadn't found anyone she liked better than Willow, and she didn't think she was likely to. However, Willow was now firmly attached to Candice. Did she REALLY want to upset a girl with such a powerful right hook? Plus, there was the fact that she rather liked Candice too...

So she collared Willow and Candice one day after supper. "I've been reading about this new relationship style called lesbian polyfidelity..." said Unearthly, entirely without ulterior motive.

"Lesbian poly-what?" asked Candice.

"Lesbian polyfidelity. It's a way of having ethical non-monogamous relationships between more than two people, where each of the partners is involved with all the others..."

"Are you switching your major to Sociology?" asked Willow, confused.

"No, dear heart, I think she may be dropping a rather unsubtle hint about wanting to get involved with you again," Candice clarified. "So," she continued, "what's the point of this polyfidelity thing anyway? Womyn get to have two girlfriends, instead of just one?"

"Pretty much, yes," Unearthly explained. "Two, or three, or four, or as many as they want. As long as EVERYONE concerned knows and consents to what's going on."

"My Goddess!" exclaimed Candice. "That sounds like truly subverting the dominant heterosexist paradigm! Instead of one womon with one womon, emulating the patriarchal model, you have one womon with many womyn! I think I approve."

"But what about jealousy?" asked Willow. "Like how would you feel, Unearthly, if I told you your sister Very's totally hot?"

"She's also straight" said Unearthly. "But theoretically, if she wasn't... I suppose I already have a good sororal relationship with her, and thus you could date both of us without me feeling jealous... However, what I was really hoping for was a relationship with three girlfriends, where each of them were involved with the other two."

Willow laughed. "You don't ask for much, do you?". But Candice was smiling.

"Oh, love," she said. "I've known that you'd never really lost your feelings for Unearthly, even though you hadn't wanted to commit so young. I was always worried that, no matter how much I cared for you, I might lose you to her after all. But this way, it's possible for all three of us to be together. And you must admit, it makes sense from a Feminist point of view. So why don't we try it out for a while and see how it goes? In the worst case we all fall out horribly and never speak to each other again; in the best case we live together forever as three womyn instead of two?"

So Unearthly wooed Candice...
...and approved most heartily of Willow's relationship with Candice...
...and even Willow found herself approving of Candice and Unearthly.
Even Woohoo didn't upset the happy threesome.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Converting a real-life relationship to polyamory or polyfidelity may require many months of difficult conversation, not a few sim hours. Also real-life people are much more complicated, with far more than 6 Wants, 3 Fears and 8 Needs. Apply carefully. Contents of packet may settle in transit. Do not crush or tear. Do not mix with fire.
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