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just updated my userinfo

My userinfo was last updated 2005-11-05 and I'd been thinking it needed revising for a while, but had little incentive to do so. Then tonight I had a colossal chocolate craving, which led to me veganising an old recipe for chewy cookie-like brownies rather than using my "standard" low fat chocolate fudgey sauce brownie recipe. And it seemed completely crazy that I've gone on this long without adding "experimental baking" to my interest list, because it's definitely something I do a lot of! So then I ended up editing the whole userinfo, and...

Things that fell off my interest list this time:
3 Colours Red, Grand Theft Audio - bands I like, but which are dead and no longer producing new material.
Talkers - my usual way of chatting to people when I first got online. Now I do irc instead.
Jake the Rake - adjectivemarcus's excellent poly cartoon, but he's busy with other projects now.
Linda McCartney sausages - they're veggie sausages. They're also vegan. They're also not made of soya. To be honest, this was here mostly as a silly interest - I was always the only person to have it, and I've been an official member of the Too Many Interests To Fit in 150 Club for years.
PS2 - as in Playstation2. I'd been going to drop Pride flags, but figured i'm much more interested in Pride flags than the Playstation2, a console I care for only because it's the favoured platform of Bemani and Harmonix.
Sleeping - I'm not actually that big on sleeping! It seems like a waste of time.
Threesomes - Intermittently asexual, too much effort, etc.

Things added, all of which in the "I can't believe this wasn't already on there!" category:
avoiding online drama
ethical living
experimental baking
nintendo DS
tricycles for adults
veganising recipes

Hello, my name is helen-louise, geek girl extraordinaire. I have one laptop, two partners, three video game consoles, 100s of cuddly toys and 1000s of books. This is all most people need to know to work out if they'll like me :)

I wear mostly black, blue, pink and purple. I love food, eating out, and finding ways to make tasty food that's compatible with my dietary restrictions. I teach science. I love technology, but also care about the planet, and want to balance getting cool new stuff against its environmental impact. I love travel, but prefer to keep air travel to a minimum, which means I do a lot of train journeys round Europe. I'm a big public transport fan, and a bigger human-powered transport fan.

I ride a tricycle.

This journal's existed since April 2001. I tend to post in bursts - a lot of posts close together, then nothing for a week. My livejournal friends list is my trusted people list, not my watched journals list. Many people are on one but not the other. You don't have to ask to friend me, just do it! My full friends list and linking policies are here.

All my contact details including email address are in a friends-locked post here. And my lj email address forwards to my usual account.

This is the explanation of why my lj name is baratron. No, it most definitely is not my nickname.

Wanna read my fiction? It lives at baratronstories.

Here are some random words to describe me:
Queer, polyamorous, bisexual. Geek. Science Genius Girl! Childfree but child-friendly. Disabled. Intermittently asexual. Neither butch nor femme nor androgynous. Occasionally feminine, but usually by accident. Thoughtful & interested in Stuff. Half-practical, half-dreamer. Grammar pedant, but Fond of Random Capital Letters and Brackets. More, including my personal definitions of these labels here.

Loves: London, food, Words, my tricycle, and strange Japanese video games.

Hates: Smoking, perfumes, dust mites and their poo, pollen, and all my other allergies and food intolerances. (I have many.)

Totem animals: Octopus, Wolfy.

Important people in my life:
Richard - wuzzie - life partner. Hairy ewok boy, more feminine than me despite having a beard! We've been together since 1997 and are co-owners of a house.
Alexa - otterylexa - girlfriend. Tall, gorgeous ottery person into goth music and swimming. We've been together since 2002. Live apart but talk often.
Tim - meeping - best friend from college and Survivor Of The Baratron Incident.
Peter - gerwinium - life partner of Tim and Anime Hero.
Ludy - artremis - tocotox (too over-complicated to explain). Pretty spiky-haired autistic knitting geek. We might become partners one day.

Official member of the Too Many Interests To Fit in 150 Club. My lj interest extension is here.

And for all those who asked, this is the miserable ovoid creature.

Last updated 2006-12-18, sorta by accident :)
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