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cookie culture shock

irc log from #commonroom, posted with permission of the participants. Typos mostly uncorrected :)

baratron: what on earth is "snickerdoodles"?
baratron: someone posted on ukvegans asking for recipes for Christmas cookies. i pondered that one all day - wondering if they meant speculaas or one of the german spiced cookies that i don't know the names of.
JenW:     cookies!
JenW:     yummy cookies!
baratron: finally asked what on earth she meant, and she said "I just meant like seasonal cookies that people make and eat at Christmas. Like with cinnamon, sugar cookies, vanilla, snickerdoodles, that kinda thing. "
baratron: wtf?
baratron: we have mince pies, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake and Yule logs - no cookies that I'm aware of
JenW:     snickerdoodles are rolled in cinnamon and sugar
baratron: that's not helping me
baratron: i make pretzels in cinnamon sugar, are they like that?
JenW:     no, they're something like a sugar cookie
Andygal:  mm...pretzels!
JenW:     small and crunchy but chewy inside
baratron: what on earth is a "sugar cookie"?!
JenW:     ummm
baratron: like a macaroon?
JenW:     butter cookie?
JenW:     soft
JenW:     the kind you cut into shapes
baratron: i don' get how a soft butter cookie could be crunchy and chewy?
baratron: like shortbread?
baratron: you cut that into shapes
JenW:     it's crispy outside, but soft/chewy once you start eating it
baratron: sounds like maybe shortbread
baratron: shortbread gets dipped in sugar, but i've never seen it dipped in cinnamon
JenW:     http://littlemissmay.com/images/blog06/060525_snickerdoodles03.jpg
JenW:     *thicker
* baratron blinks
baratron: i have no idea what that is
baratron: i'm back to thinking macaroons again
Lythdan:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snickerdoodle
baratron: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macaroon :)
JenW:     I'm not sure I've had macaroons...are they not coconut-y or am I thinking of something else?
JenW:     ah :)
JenW:     okay I've never had real macaroons lol
baratron: wikipedia's talking shite because none of the people currently in this house nor my dutch friend who's on irc right now have ever heard of snickerdoodles, and wikipedia says "Snickerdoodles are a traditional Christmas cookie in The Netherlands."
baratron: no, that would be speculaas
baratron: which was precisely what i asked if she wanted a recipe for!
Lythdan:  Maybe they call them something else there?
JenW:     the cream of tartar is the real key I think...gives it a bit of a different taste
baratron: speculaas is the christmas cookie of the netherlands - well, it's a st nicholas day thing. dec 6th.
JenW:     no idea how common that is though :P
baratron: i have speculaas all year round 'cos i love them
baratron: and oddly, they're sold here as "caramelised sugar biscuits"
baratron: so could they, indeed, be the same thing as a "sugar cookie"?
baratron: except i thought Jen had had them before
baratron: or was that ness?
JenW:     Ness had
baratron: ahh!
baratron: ok, thye're speculaas
baratron: i'm delighted to have that mystery solved :D
JenW:     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sugar_cookie
baratron: yup
Andygal:  sugar cookies aren't shortbread, they are thin cookies.
baratron: speculaas have cream of tartar in, i just read the ingredients
JenW:     isn't shortbread hard-ish?
baratron: depends
JenW:     cool, then they are the same thing or very similar :)
baratron: speculaas have a lot more different spices in, though
baratron: cinnamon + a whole blend of other things, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, cardamon, pepper
baratron: i tend to get the sweet cinnamon-only ones, though. which are also vegan :)
JenW:     hm, they are a simplified version then, perhaps
JenW:     :)
Andygal:  shortbread is usually thicker then sugar cookies though isn't it?
baratron: most of the more exciting ones have egg and butter in
baratron: yes - if indeed speculaas and snickerdoodles are the same, they're not much like shortbread
baratron: shortbread also has no raising agent in tht i'm aware of
baratron: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shortbread
JenW:     aha, yeah, I think I have had that kind of shortbread
JenW:     heh heh :)
Lythdan:  hehe
JenW:     this is the snickerdoodle recipe I use, if anyone cares :P lol
JenW:     http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Snickerdoodle-Mix-in-a-Jar/Detail.aspx
JenW:     it's actually one of those things where you're supposed to make the mix to give to someone as a gift
baratron: where you're supposed to make _the mix_ to give to someone as a gift...?!!
baratron: _the mix_?!!!!!!
baratron: uh....
JenW:     heh yeah
JenW:     lol
JenW:     you wrap it up sort of pretty, with the recipe attached
JenW:     must be an American thing :)
baratron: uh... how in god's name is that a present?
baratron: here, make your own cookies.
JenW:     ummm pretty much :)
JenW:     part of the work is already done
baratron: you're too stupid to know how to make this simple recipe, so i premixed some of the ingredients and printed the recipe on the jar
JenW:     LOL
Andygal:  LOL
JenW:     yeah, I'd say the hot chocolate mix in a jar is probably a better gift than the cookies :)
baratron: richard says "do you think it's the sort of thing a mother would send to her floundering son on his first christmas away from home along with the clean laundry?"
baratron: wtf is "hot chocolate mix"?!
JenW:     hee hee! yes probably actually lol
JenW:     hot cocoa
baratron: no, i know what hot chocolate is, i have it all the time. what on earth is the "mix" for it?
JenW:     sugar, cocoa, not sure what else
baratron: you buy hot chocolate powder from the supermarket
JenW:     yeah, it's basically that but homemade...no idea what all is in it
baratron: uh... that's weird
baratron: i'm having almost as much culture shock as when i found out a strip mall wasn't a place you go to see strippers.
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