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A letter to my metabolism. - helen-louise
A letter to my metabolism.
Dear metabolism,

When the hell are you going to get with the program and realise you need to work harder to keep me warm? The non-consensual weight loss thing happened last year and I froze my arse off in clothes that were too big all of last winter. I did think you'd have figured out by now what size our body is and how much natural insulation we have, but obviously not. It'd be really nice if you could speed up, or whatever, so I don't have to sit here in a centrally-heated room wearing underwear, a vest, long-sleeved t-shirt. two jumpers, leggings, a thick cordruoy skirt, socks, slippers, a blanket and a hat just to stop myself from actively shivering. Mammals are supposed to be warm-blooded, damnit.

No love,

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sashajwolf From: sashajwolf Date: 23rd December 2006 12:02 (UTC) (Link)
I'm afraid it seems to take years. I lost my weight seven years ago and had regained most of it by five years ago, but my thermostat was completely broken until last year. It's been fine for most of this autumn and winter, but as of yesterday, it seems to have gone a bit wonky again.
From: artremis Date: 23rd December 2006 13:25 (UTC) (Link)
meep - i dont think it works like that, i've always been skinny but my internal thermosatst has never been right.
barakta From: barakta Date: 23rd December 2006 18:16 (UTC) (Link)
FWIW I traditionally wear thermals under my normal clothes between about November and April/May. I spent most of my life being 'underweight' and my hands do have poor circulation as an obvious result of my freaky biology and excessive surgery.

It's fairly guaranteed that if people see me between Nov and April I'm wearing at least thermal legs. This year I am the 'heaviest' I have ever been which puts me into a 'not underweight' category and I'm still cold. I suspect more than a little of my thermoregulatory issue is congenitally low blood pressure (My mum is the same) and possible a dodgy blood sugar thing too which I need to get checked out.

Currently I am in a room which is easily 20C and wearing thermal legs and jeans on my lower half, and a teeshirt plus two thin long sleeved tops (one is a hoodie with hood up) on my top half. Last night I added a 'sweater' to this lot. I'm not sure being on the tail end of sinusitus/chest-infection quite justifies it all...

apparently there is also an element of acclimatisation, which in the UK is bloody annoying as the temperature never stays stable enough to get used to the changes, so every time it gets 'colder' we feel REALLY cold and we never get used to it before it warms up again. Stupid weather.
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