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Christmas day lunch 2006.

Yesterday, my parents, Richard & I went to the Riverside Vegetaria restaurant in Kingston for lunch. Note that my dad and Richard are both omnivores, while my mum's one of those "vegetarian except for chicken" people. My dad is also the sort of person who objects to meals without meat in them. But anyway.

Here's the full Christmas Day menu. And this is what we ate:

Crudités with olives - crunchy raw vegetables: baby corn, carrot, celery etc
Fruit cordial (hot or cold) or Sherry
Garlic bread - on thick-cut wholemeal toast with vegan spread and garlic chunks

Falafel with hummous x 2 - the falafel's really nice as it's made from kidney beans as well as chickpea
Corn and vegetable cakes with plum sauce
Nutty parsnip soup

Main courses:
Chestnut roast with creamy mushroom sauce (not vegan) & roast vegetables
Chestnut roast with cranberry sauce & roast vegetables
Chickpea curry with couscous and salad - the couscous is really nice with roasted vegetables tossed in.
Pesto penne pasta and salad - the sauce is vegan, non-vegans can have cheese on top as well.

Christmas pudding with soya custard x 2
Pistachio ice cream (not vegan)
Vegan chocolate fudge cake with soya custard: before, after.

The photos are kinda blurry because my camera isn't too good at coping with dim light, and I entirely forgot to take photos of the earlier courses. Oh well.
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