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I just managed to knock over a glass of juice which went over my bed, the laptop, the (new) wooden floor, the sofa, the coffee table and my clothes. ARGH!

I was on my way to spend the evening enjoying some Sims 2. I'd just turned the upstairs light on, put the glass of juice on the table, and switched on the laptop so it could boot up while I fetched food from downstairs. The glass was next to the laptop, but not in a position where it should have been able to spew forth its contents that readily. I think what happened is that the external keyboard that was on top of the laptop fell off and pulled the laptop down with it, knocking over the glass of juice. All I know is that I looked up to see the half-filled glass off the side of the table, balanced precariously in a tangle of cables between the table and the sofa, and a terrible mess all over the floor.

I went into a panic which felt like it lasted minutes but must only have been a split-second. Not only was this a tragic loss of 200ml of innocent smoothie, I had no freaking idea what to clean up first. The new floor? My poor soaking-wet bed? The laptop? Argh! I eventually worked through my paralysis and got a towel from the laundry pile to start cleaning things up.

The coffee table, sofa and floor have been mopped, washed and dried. The bedding and my clothes are in the washing machine. I've washed the sticky cables of the laptop, turned the external keyboard upside down onto the dirty blanket, and put tissues between the keys of both keyboards to absorb as much juice as possible, but I'm pretty sure they'll need to be cleaned properly because the juice is acidic. The external keyboard will probably just need a rinse under the tap followed by blow-drying with the hairdryer on its cold setting, but I don't know what to do about the laptop. But it's apparently working just fine, so I'll leave it all be until Richard gets home.

ARRRGHHHHH!!!! Why do liquids expand to fill such a wide area when they spill? Why does 200 cm^3 of orange juice decide to spread over an area of 200 cm^2 at a depth of 1cm? (Never mind a depth of 10 μm). Liquids should stay all adhered together in a fixed shape waiting for you to clean them up, none of this "fixed volume but no fixed shape" malarky. GAH!
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