helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

Milk at bedtime.

Something weird I've noticed about myself. If I have milk before bed, I usually sleep for as long as I can - either until the alarm goes off, or until I wake up naturally. I almost always wake up in the night needing to pee, but that's just normal for me - I go and do my business, get back into bed and fall asleep again. Total time awake maybe 5 minutes. However, if I don't have milk before bed, I always wake up ravenously hungry much earlier than I need to - after 5 or 6 hours sleep. And I will often be unable to get back to sleep unless I'm able to have milk then or find something to eat.

But a possible problem with this is that, because I need to have soy milk, milk may well not be available last thing at night - especially if I'm travelling away from home. This may be relevant to other people who travel with me - grumpy underslept h-l who woke up too early due to lack of milk is about as much fun as the average caffeine-consumer pre-coffee, but it goes on longer as, yep - food I can eat is similarly not so readily available. I suppose I need to remember to get some of the long-life Oy chocolate milkshake things for when I go places, as they don't need a fridge. They're not quite as nice as the fresh Alpro chocolate "milkshake" I usually have, but still a lot better than "milk-flavoured" soy milk.

The other thing I've noticed which seems rather odd is that other things that you'd have thought would count as milk don't seem to. Like, if I have a pot of soya dessert (sort of like thick custard) or a bowl of custard before bed. Both of these consist primarily of the soy protein, water and flavouring base as the milk itself does; and my common sense would tell me they should be equivalent to a mug of milk. But they're not. With the soy dessert, maybe it's a question of quantity - 125g of dessert is much less than the 250-450ml of milk I usually have (depending on whether I have a small or big mug). But the custard boggles my mind. I swear I had 300ml of custard before bed last night - but I woke up ridiculously hungry after 5 1/2 hours sleep and couldn't even think about sleeping again until I'd had hot chocolate and a couple of biscuits. I really would like to know what's going on there.
Tags: h-l is weird, note to self, travel, vegan

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