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Highlights of the past few days.

OK, so what is the opposite of "highlight"? I know there's a word "lowlight", but I've only ever seen it used in hairdressing or stage management. "Lowdark" just sounds stupid. Hmmm.

The highlights:

  • watching bizarre cable channels with Tim.
  • shopping in Tesco at 1am on Saturday morning.
  • the rather excellent Tesco green pesto.
  • buying some purple dykey leggings and a t-shirt.
  • getting the Bloodhound Gang album "Hooray for Boobies" and getting various silly songs from it stuck in my head.
  • ruthlessly pruning my video game collection and taking enough old games to Computer Exchange that I was able to buy a Dreamcast.
  • Samba de Amigo
  • making a fake chicken pie that everyone liked, even the meat eaters.
  • yummy food at Noodle Express in New Malden last night.

The low... points:

  • lying in bed all day on Thursday because I was too depressed to get up.
  • sitting on the floor crying for an hour because everyone was busy.
  • lying in bed all day on Friday (ditto).
  • lots of lovely nightmares.
  • Tesco running out of pesto just when I was getting addicted to it.
  • none of the other pestos I could find being suitable for vegetarians.
  • not being able to sleep even when I was falling over with tiredness.

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