helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

Our word for the day is "dendroclimatology".

Haven't done much the past couple of days. I've been playing with the Dreamcast quite a lot, and yesterday I went to see Tim and Peter. Today, Richard came home with Tesco's fresh pasta and green pesto sauce, so I was able to get my pesto cravings out of the way. And there's enough pesto left for me to have another two meals of it :)

We went for a walk at about 1.15am because my head was hurting. When I go out I almost always turn left at the top of our road, but it's not much fun walking through the town centre at night. So we turned right, and started a journey of discovery. First we looked at all the shops along the Richmond Road, and found quite a few that we didn't know about previously. Then we cut back through a couple of the residential streets, and discovered that there's a mosque just round the corner from where we live. When we got home, Richard put the tv on, and we watched an Open University programme about climate change, which featured many fluffy bearded scientists.

Richard's gone to bed now, and I suppose I should too as it's late. I'm tired, but not really sleepy. Hmmm.

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