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Finally acquired enough concentration to work on the tax return. I'm entering data from my accounts book into the Big Spreadsheet O'Doom, reasons being:
a) entering data onto the spreadsheet doesn't feel like working on the tax return, so I can do it without making myself completely stressed out.
b) once the data's on the spreadsheet, the computer will do all the calculations for me.

But it's weird. I'm doing the tax year 06 April 2005 - 05 April 2006, which means I keep seeing the names of students I finished with TWO years ago. This is especially weird when I consider the ones who only had two or three lessons then disappeared. Also, the time of this tax year coincides with the time I was bloody ill and going in & out of hospital at the rate of middle C. There are these large gaps in the book when I was just too ill to see anyone. And it's making me a little uncomfortable to remember that.
Tags: finances, mental health, my evil gall bladder

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