helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

Messages from Fake Internet Coma boy.

"Baratron is a deluded person who enjoys sticking her nose in things that aren't her own business."
"Baratron was operating on a number of ill-conceived assumptions and false information passed to her."
"In other words, she's pretty fucking stupid."


I'd be annoyed, but I don't care about that person's opinions. His story doesn't add up - "I wasn't in a coma and my assistant shouldn't have said that, I was just unresponsive and in bed for a week". Yeah. Riiight. That's how come you were posting on Warcraft forums. And you expect me to believe that you pay people to play Warcraft for you, and let them use your own personal Gmail account when you're so paranoid about security?

Please. Get a life. You need one.
Tags: internet drama

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