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happy wuzzie and wolfy day.

It was our anniversary on Thursday. We have officially been together 9 years.

For those wondering how come we got together on Richard's 21st birthday which is 9th November, yet our official anniversary is 1st February, let me explain that those first few months were really confusing, and 1st February was when we decided we were officially In A Relationship and going to make a go of it.

I did, in fact, forget it was our anniversary until Richard reminded me on Wednesday night. Well, what he actually said was "I take it we're going out for dinner tomorrow night?". I blinked, looked confused and said "Er... yeah, if you want", and he told me "It's wuzzie and wolfy day tomorrow!". "OH!" said I. In the end, I slept appallingly that night (was still tossing and turning at 4.30am, and woke up something like 9 or 10 times during the night), so we decided to leave going out until Friday (yesterday), when hopefully we'd both be awake enough to enjoy it.

We went to 222, which I believe must now be my favourite restaurant in the world. There is something delightful about a restaurant where I can eat everything on the menu, and which makes amazing vegan versions of meaty, creamy and cheesy restaurant meals without 101 strange artificial additives. I think this'll be the 4th or 5th time we've been to 222 since we first went there on my birthday, and the food has been excellent every time and consistent - something a lot of restaurants don't manage.

This time we had cream of tomato soup for a starter - rich, full of tomatoey black peppery flavour with gorgeous thick cashew cream. Richard contemplated the wild mushroom risotto (special of the day) but eventually went for the seitan strogonoff, his usual favourite ( \m/ hail seitan!). I decided I should have something other than the Ben's Special and went for the Broccolini Di Parma, which was - oh my god! - fantastic. Pancakes containing chopped-up broccoli with tofu cream cheese, tomato sauce on the side, and roast potatoes - like the kind of thing that's normally done with ricotta, only I could eat it! And I don't know how the tofu got that much flavour, I really don't - the one time I followed a "make ricotta with tofu" recipe it was awful. Anyway. Ben himself came out to talk to us and when he discovered it was our anniversary he offered us both a free dessert. We would have had dessert anyway because that's an important part of eating out whenever we eat anywhere that has vegan desserts (Richard isn't that bothered about puddings, and certainly wouldn't have one if there wasn't a dessert I could eat!), but it was a lovely gift! I had tofu cheesecake (rather a lot of tofu for one evening, but my other usual dessert is the 222 pancake, which would also have been similar to the main course) and Richard had apple crumble with custard.

I love that place so much. I wish it didn't take almost an hour to get there. Why is London so big? Mind you, if we went there every week, it might stop being special, which would be a bad thing.
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