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thoughts about email.

I sent my friend Tim four emails last night. This was despite the fact that I spent yesterday evening with him & his bf, and had spoken to him on the phone several times over the weekend. Admittedly, all of the emails were relatively short, and mainly consisted of "Oooh, have a look at this web site I found" or "Oh my God, I just found A Very Strange Item on eBay" (yes, we found a baratron on eBay. No, I didn't bid for it) - but I still spent something like half an hour or more writing to someone I'd only just seen.

Then, I spent several hours sending long emails to people that I had been promising to write to for some time. And it struck me how imbalanced that was. Why is it that the majority of the email I send is to the people I see every day, about trivial things? And the important email - the messages communicating love and affection - goes unanswered and unwritten for weeks at a time?

I'm not sure that this question has an answer.

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