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my vacuum cleaner's blowing out instead of sucking in

I am not having fun with technological devices today.

My printer is being evil and pestilent. I was trying to print a file double-sided by printing first all the odd numbered pages, in reverse order, then all the even numbered pages, in normal order. However, for reasons known entirely unto itself, the pestilent device decided to randomly spew forth some of the even numbered pages as they were printing. Thus I have page 34 on the back on page 43 and other such delights of sadorandom numbering. Joy.

Then, after wasting about 30 or so sheets of paper, it decided to run out of ink.

Then the new ink cartridge I put in (which is actually a refilled old ink cartridge) is printing erratically. The place I get the cartridges refilled always tests the cartridges to make sure they're working properly, and this one has only been refilled once. But it's deciding not to bother with most of the lines on the page for some stupid freaking reason.

And there's no stupid way to Clean or Prime only the black cartridge. So I'm wasting loads of the coloured inks that are fine.

And now it is ripping up the pages as they enter. Have you ever seen that Dilbert cartoon where he's trying to make a photocopy and it seems he forgot to set "zip, crinkle and spoit" to "no"? Yeah. Like that.

And now it is not only zip, crinkling and spoiting, but it's also printing nothing at all! OK. I give in! I will go to the shop tomorrow and buy some shiny fresh ink cartridges. Whatever!

And there I was thinking I could sit here printing out this calculations book for my student from the PDF while working on my invoices (which are only 8 days overdue). Well, of course not. I've had to LART the fecking printer about 25 times and have entirely lost my train of thought.

And I got so stressed that while I remembered to plug my minidisc player into the charger and remembered to switch on the CD player, I didn't remember to connect the two together with the optical cable. So I have not even been successful in copying this CD I want to listen to on the move tomorrow. ARGH!! I tell you, if it wasn't for the fact this is approximately the most mellow music I own, I would be murderous by now.
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