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I may be missing YET ANOTHER Brighton BiFest.

Oh gods. It is 7am and I've been awake since 5.45 with astonishingly bad pain.

I suppose I should have known this period was going to be bad, considering that my PMS symptoms had me going to the doctor because I thought I had an infection. I mean, a temperature a whole degree above normal for 5 days plus gall bladder pain and digestive ick going on for 6 days - that's not normal premenstrual syndrome, even for me.

I took paracetamol when I went to bed at 2.30am, even though I wasn't in pain then, as a "preventative". It didn't help. My uterus, lower back, hips, legs and pelvis are all in agony. I swear I've never even had pain in my pelvis before! It's rare for me to feel sick because of pain, but that's what I have right now. Argh.

I'm sure no one ever died of period pain, but you know it's bad when I - the person who hates taking painkillers - is up and rootling through the collection of opiates she got when seriously ill to try to find something to take the edge off the pain. And when I took 30mg of codeine phosphate 45 minutes ago and the pain is still too bad for me to sleep.

If I'm not at Brighton BiFest, please accept my apologies. And if anyone wonders where I am, tell them I have icky girlstuff from hell.
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