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Pokemon D/P

I am currently oscillating between fannish squeeing glee at the toys of the new Pokemon, and omg wtf bbq they didn't? at the new English names.

ヒコザル Hikozaru has become Chimchar - which to me sounds nothing like a monkey with its arse on fire and a lot like a chimp in the PG Tips advert holding a cup of tea, while my beloved ナエトル Naetoru (Naetle) has become... Turtwig?! That sounds like a failed name for an owl or professor in Harry Potter, It is not a dignified name for the most awesome Grass-type starter of them all. In fact, it is bloody stupid.

I am going to take a leaf out of my friend stellarwind's book and refuse to use the English names I don't like, and piss off all the young Pokemon kiddies who don't know the Japanese names. Ha!

For Ludy: Bunny Pokemon. Possibly called Buneary. Can't decide if I like that name yet. <--- I WANT THIS SET
Naetle! Reminds me of dino.
Happiest Oddish EVAR!
Tags: pokemon, squee, yes i'm a geek

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