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If anyone's left a Valentine's message for me on any communities, this would be the ideal place to post a link so I actually check them.

I don't think I'll be posting Valentine's messages for anyone online. Sometimes I do a generic "I wuv you all"-type post, but I'm so tired and overworked at the moment that I don't think I could find anything useful to say. Please feel reminded that I do, in fact, owe a helluva lot to my friends, I can't imagine still being in this plane of existence without some of you in my life, and I love and appreciate all of you in different ways. I am just too lacking in energy to articulate this in a cutesy sort of way.

I sent some paper cards this evening, which may get there by tomorrow. Really didn't like the selection of paper cards in any of the shops this time round, so I sent them to the bare minimum of people (existing partners & tocotoxen, not friends-I-love-platonicly). There seemed to be even more emphasis than normal on "for the one I love" (but I love more than one person!), "I only want to be with you" (but I want to see all my partners and friends and family!) and "Be mine" (but I am my own person and do not belong to anyone. People only belong to other people if they are doing an SM Master/slave relationship - and even that is strictly consensual on both sides). A particularly sickening card had words along the lines of "This is one of the two hands I most want to hold. (The other is your other hand.)" Glargh.

So I got Richard a blank card with a picture of adorable panda wuzzies that will make him squee, and put some words and stickers in it to make it into a Valentine's card, and it will have to do. I'm not sure if Richard will be able to top the card of 2 years ago, but we shall see.
Tags: introspection, polyamory

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