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alt.polycon and wibble!

OK. I just booked for alt.polycon. Hooray!

Have bought membership and emailed RA about roommate matching. Have not paid for any rooms or bought flights yet. Wibble.

I wish I wasn't so damn disorganised. Most people coming my sort of distance know much sooner than a month before an event if they're going or not. Although apparently Richard thought I was going all along, it was only me who didn't. (Having had to cancel bloody everything lately for one health thing or another, I wasn't going to be booking any flights until I knew what my body was doing.)

I'm thinking about arriving on Wednesday late afternoon/eveningish. Are any of you lot local to Minneapolis and would have space for me to stay on Wednesday or Thursday night? (I might be able to get a roommate at the hotel on Thursday night, but almost certainly won't be able to on Wednesday, as most people won't arrive that early.) Haven't decided yet if I'll leave on Sunday night or Monday. I probably want to come back via a couple of days in New York, which is doable with some of the airlines, but argh and wibble.
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