helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

Confounded expectations

OK, explain this to me: I was going to eat for dinner leftovers of two curries, aloo gobi and chana masala. Both are curries I eat and enjoy. So why did it disturb me to open the lid marked "aloo gobi" and find it was chana masala? If it had been chicken dhansak, I could understand it being disturbing, as I don't eat chicken. But I was planning to eat the chana masala anyway! Just I was expecting it to be in a box labelled "chana masala", not one labelled "aloo gobi"!

* baratron boggles at self quietly

Also I am getting ridiculously excited about the food possibilities in Minneapolis. I followed links from the alt.polycon website and found a cafe where everything can be vegan and a multitude of vegan pizzas. Eeee! I'm getting excited and hungry just looking at the menus!

Some parts of the US are terrible for finding food I can eat - I survived Colorado Springs only because I could still eat cheese at that time (with vast quantities of lactase enzyme). But other parts, like Seattle and New York, are heaven. Some of these cities are so good I end up coming home and feeling disappointed with the mere 5 vegan restaurants in my city. Richard says I'm a food tourist - I go to places to eat new food. Well, yeah! What other reason for travelling could there be? :P OK, I travel to see friends that I don't get to see otherwise, and to see places - but mostly, I travel for food. I don't know why anyone, knowing me, could find that surprising.
Tags: alt.polycon, food porn, travel, vegan

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