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More haste, less speed.

Today has been one of those days where everything I did to try to save time ended up taking me longer than if I'd done it the "long" way first.

  1. I had to get someone's address to write on a parcel. I thought it would take too long to switch on the laptop and wait for it to boot, so I went to the linux computer downstairs which is always on. However, it transpires that both the web browsers on there are 3 years out of date, and neither of them would display current livejournal styles at all well. So I couldn't actually get the address that way, and had to switch on the laptop anyway.
  2. I figured I should go to the sub-Post Office on Kingston Hill rather than the main Post Office in either Kingston or New Malden because the queues would be much shorter. This despite it being a Wednesday afternoon, prime early-closing day for local shops. Of course, the sub-Post Office was closed and I had to go to the main one anyway.
  3. I was so short of time that I decided it would take me too long to get the tricycle out to cycle up the hill. This despite the fact it takes me less than 5 minutes to cycle to the sub-Post Office with a heavy parcel, and something like 15 minutes to walk there.
  4. Knowing I was already late, I should have gone to my student's house first, then gone to the Post Office in New Malden on my way to my next student. But I decided that, it being a Wednesday afternoon, the New Malden PO was bound to be closed by the time I got there, meaning that I would have spent the day walking round with a big parcel for no reason.
  5. Having already made the wrong decision about which Post Office to go to, I had to get a bus into town. And the stop halfway up Kingston Hill doesn't have the 371, which is the bus that goes all the way to the main Post Office. So I got the 85 to the bus station, and then had to walk through town lugging the parcel myself. This would usually take me less than 5 minutes, but because of the parcel, took more like 10 minutes.

Meh. I am an idiot, sometimes.
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