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new mobile alert!

I have bought a new phone which is a Windows mobile mini-PC. It's quite scary. It comes with all sorts of Evil Empire programs, like Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, Powerpoint Mobile and Windows Explorer. As they were all free, I shall probably not uninstall most of them. Eeep.

This is the first time I've changed my mobile since August 2003, so I feel vaguely justified in doing so. The idea is that I can have internet access when I'm anywhere with wi-fi. So I won't have to take the laptop to the US, but also won't piss off people at alt.polycon by monopolising their laptops for hours at a time ;) I'd been wanting one of the Nokia Communicators, but the one I wanted was never released on Orange.

As we are fluffy treehugging hippies, my current Nokia 6100 will be recycled as my mum's new phone. This means my old Nokia 8310 will be free, if anyone wants that. (Small phone, small monochrome screen, shiny blue lights. In the grey & navy colour scheme called Eternity. Currently locked to Orange but that's fixable.) Richard's Nokia 7650 is also available free to a good home, also currently locked to Orange. (Scarily, the 7650 has a Wikipedia entry.)

I'm trying to transfer the numbers from my old phone, but there are many numbers of uncertain veracity. As I have to type in all the data by hand, I can't be bothered to enter out of date numbers. Hence, a poll.
Poll #948742 h-l's phone number collection poll

Give me your mobile number!

Give me your home phone number!

Do you like to receive voice calls for random chats?


A good time to call me is... (Please convert to GMT, I get confused with all the US time zone names)

My phone numbers are unchanged - same main number, and same Line Two number (if you have that - I can't ever remember it).
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