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Things to do before 7am on Thursday.

Argh. Did I already say argh?

Things I have done today:
  • Paid in cheque.
  • Paid credit card bill.
  • Bought toilet rolls and calcium tablets.
  • Photocopied exam papers for Sam.
  • Washed hair & got it cut.

Things I need to do tomorrow:
  • Ring Orange & LART them again.
  • Photocopy my prescription and medical record copy and passport.
  • Pick up my plane ticket (!).
  • Phone the airline and make sure they have my special meal request.
  • Get travel insurance.
  • Do form for Personal Tutors.
  • Charge DS. Pack US DS charger.
  • Copy movies onto micro SD card for watching.
  • Find US dollars that are secreted somewhere in this house.
  • Buy more Orange Creams.
  • Find spare keys for TSA approved padlocks.
  • Copy friends addresses to phone.
  • Pack. Everything.

Things which I will almost certainly not manage to do and have to get Richard to do while I'm gone:
  • Pay the remaining £192.64 of balance on my credit card. Bah.
  • Pay in the two cheques I won't be given until tomorrow.

Things which I "should" really do before leaving but can be left until later if needsbe:
  • Book hostel room in New York.
  • Change livejournal style to something that works with my phone's browser.
  • Do form for Top Tutors.
  • Print out address labels for friends' postcards.
  • Order Edexcel exam papers for self, Paul & Stephanie.
  • Ring Seeboard about the fact they owe us £230.

This would, of course, all be much easier if it wasn't for the fact that I have to pack my usual week's worth of students into a mere 3 days. As it is, I'll need to try to get these things done inbetween unimportant things like eating. I'm scheduled to be working from 11.30am to 8.30pm with only odd breaks here and there while travelling. Did I already say argh?
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