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entry I wrote on the tram this afternoon

Last night, I was successful in achieving finding my roommate, a long hot shower, and food. The food was a 10" pizza from Pizza Luce, the place I was looking forward to because of the sheer number of vegan options on their menu. I was not disappointed. Had pizza with vegan soy cheese, roasted red peppers and what was billed as veggie sausage but was actually more like thick-cut soy mince. It was so good. I also got an amazing chocolate-covered peanut butter bar. Both of the above foodstuffs were so incredibly rich that I could only manage half of them. Photos have been taken but can't be uploaded until I'm back with a real computer.

I have now had sleep and feel like a human being again. Alarmingly, my body decided it should wake up at 7.40am - this following approximately 24 hours awake, which itself followed 2 hours of sleep. Hmm. The "going to North America and becoming a morning person" never ceases to amaze me. It's because my natural body clock is on East Coast time. In New York, I go to bed at 11.30pm and wake up around 8am. This is so weird!

This morning, Cally & I met kightp and John, who had just arrived on the train. I congratulated Pat on her l33t HTML skills (as the official alt.polycon website looked identical on my Windows mobile as it did on the PC). Then Cally & I went shopping: to the post office to drop off parcels for US-based friends, to Target, and finally to a bread shop for a baguette and orange juice (me) and hot soup (Cally).

I am horrified to discover from Target just how badly ripped-off we Brits are. I picked up Pokemon Ranger for $24! Not only is it delayed and now not even out at home for another two weeks, it'll come out at £29.99 or £34.99. In the same way, the exact same HP ink cartridges that cost me £24.99 in a normal shop and £19.99 in the most discounted shops were on special offer for $16.47! I mean, WTF? I was expecting to pay the same number in US $ that I normally pay in UK £, but I was not expecting to be paying only 2/3 of that number!

Now I'm on a tram to the Mall of America, where I will continue to shop for a few more hours. Alt.polycon isn't starting tonight until 5pm, so I have a while...
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