helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

The Mall of America broke my brain!

A brief rant:
Argh! I have just spent a very frustrating half hour in the alt.polycon consuite trying to figure out why my damn phone wouldn't connect to WiFi and kept attempting to dial up Orange GPRS instead. It transpires that I can only use my hotel WiFi username and password in my room. Argh!

The Mall of America is a scary, scary place. I'm not sure I can sum up succinctly why. The fact it contains a wedding chapel where you can get legally married (providing you are an opposite-sex couple and neither of you is already married) may have something to do with it. Also the food courts were absolutely terrifying. The only things I saw that did not contain more fat in just one meal than I usually eat in an entire day were the fruit juices and water. The level of artificial colourants was also fearsome. In the UK we have recognised that these things are bad for you and taken steps to limit their use: not so here where cookies contain alarming levels of bright red, blue and green.

I hit the Hot Topic, both Gamestops, and a shop selling Minnesota souvenirs. Then I headed back to the hotel for the alt.polycon introductions panel.
Tags: travel

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