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the obligatory food thread

I am sitting in a bread and soup shop called Panera who get my vote. Not only do they have a quick-check list of all products with common allergens, they even have a thick file with complete ingredients lists for everything. It even marks food as vegetarian or vegan (yes, they know what a vegan is!). I am very impressed.

So I have a large, steaming bowl of hot black bean soup, which is tasty without being burning chilli, french bread and freshly-squeezed orange juice. And I'm sitting here knowing they have free wi-fi and it's just fine for me to sit at the table tapping away at my PDA.

I am greatly enjoying being in the same country as Silk Very Vanilla soy milk :) The chocolate is also pretty good. And I went to Target ('cos I'm super-sprøde) and bought more Luna and Clif bars than you could possibly believe. High protein, complex carbs, vitamins, lots of sugar and chocolate all in one handy vegan bar. Perfect con food. Sadly full of soy protein, so no good for ailbhe or Ludys.

I was also impressed with the hotel restaurant last night. Ruth Anne, who is c(o)eliac, and I were trying to find a local restaurant she could eat at. In the end we gave up and joined most of the rest of apc in the hotel, where we proceeded to order meals totally off-menu from the ingredients we could see listed. They coped admirably - we both got edible meals, on time, and neither of us became ill as a result.

I continue to be thoroughly unimpressed with the hotel wi-fi which has cut out 3 times while I've been writing this *rolleyes*.
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