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alt.polycon is now over :( :( I have a half-finished report about it… - helen-louise
alt.polycon is now over :( :( I have a half-finished report about it sitting on my Windows Mobile device, but I don't want to finish that while there's still people around to be social with. Delightfully, I don't have to write an entry about dinner last night because If did that already. Hehe. Tonight I think I'm going to "dial out" for pizza again. brooksmoses, suzanne, the_ogre and Cally all went for dinner in the hotel restaurant, but they were eating too early for me to be hungry.

Brooks, Aaron, Cally, elisem and I have been playing vast amounts of ZAR, which is an excellent game in the style of Uno, but nastier ;) kightp & johnpalmer and epi_lj & Ruth Anne have hot dates tonight :P I'm not sure what okoshun's doing, maybe decompressing and resting ready to drive 15 hours tomorrow. Personally, I have to leave here around 11am, although I might leave earlier and do some more shopping before going to the airport.

This is probably fairly irrelevant, but if you happen to view my livejournal directly or read my friends page, expect my journal style to be changing quite a bit between now and this time next week. I'm trying to revamp it to be equally viewable on a real PC as on my PDA, without losing the features I really like. That's always difficult, since none of the default styles offer all the features I want. Component now seems to be better than Unearthed, but I really need to find the time to do all the tweaking I want. Sadly, I don't really know CSS, so it'll be as clunky as my existing "baratron's Unearthed". Ah well :)

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aardvarkoffnord From: aardvarkoffnord Date: 2nd April 2007 17:12 (UTC) (Link)
Wish I could have attended. I miss my contacts with the Bi & Poly communities, but my current (work) situation prevents me.

Hope you had a good time. The double smiley suggests you did.
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