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I'm in New York, but you wouldn't know it...

Am now in New York. Yesterday was pretty much a non-entity for anything happening. Got up, checked email and caught up with livejournal a bit, said goodbye to Cally, went to the airport with Ruth Anne, checked in, flew to NY, got the train to the hostel, found dinner and played on the DS a bit before crashing out around midnight. As further proof that I'm an idiot moron girl, I forgot to look up the addresses of some of the vegan restaurants and cafes I wanted to try while I still had free internet access, so I'm now in an internet cafe just down the road from the hostel. Even more annoyingly, it's open 24 hours and I didn't know that, so I could've come in and done this last night. Oh well.

I got the train to the hostel because I'm still pissed off about spending US $30 for a taxi from Minneapolis St Paul airport to the alt.polycon hotel ($27 fare + $3 airport tax) when it transpires there was a tram (a.k.a. "streetcar" or "light rail") that would have got me there for a mere $1.50. I'm not broke (although paying off my credit card balance might kill me :P ), but I resent spending an extra $28.50 that I didn't need to - that would buy me an entire day's worth of meals even if I ate expensively, or two days if I grabbed stuff from cafes. So seeing that the taxi was quoted at $20, I decided to try the train. The AirTrain to Jamaica station was $5, and from there I got the LIRR to Main St Flushing. That, unfortunately, was $8 at the time of day, so I saved a whole $7. Mind you, that bought me dinner, so it could've been worse. Next time (if I ever come to this hostel again), I'll get the 44 or 20 buses instead - they go much closer to the actual hostel than walking from the station.

Right - enough faffing, I've wasted half the day in bed already. Time to go find that Hot Topic and Nintendo World store :D Later, I will call redbird and see if we can meet up for lunch tomorrow.
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