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my head hurts :(

I am fuming. Today I was sent a formal warning by eBay for not paying for something, when I sent the payment for this item more than a month ago. I was feeling vaguely depressed before this happened - Richard made me go and take my tablets as I was starting to get withdrawn - and now I just want to sit and cry. I know it's stupid - it's someone else's mistake, and it's not even important. I mean - a Non-Paying Bidder Warning on eBay - that's not like being fined £5000 in error. It's a tiny little thing that no one other than me would even know about. But it hurts because it's totally undeserved, and it hurts because I'm down anyway.

I paid using Western Union's BidPay service, which is a useful way to get money to people who live in the US. This means that I have a good record of the transaction: things like the exact time and date that I paid and the number of the money order that Western Union sent to the trader. (I've even checked, and not only has the trader received my payment, she has even paid it into her bank account). I've emailed all of this information to eBay UK's Customer Support, and included copies of email sent between me and the trader. This should all be sorted out by the time I get up in the morning. But I'm still extremely upset and annoyed about it. I'm also worried about whether I'm actually going to receive the goods that I've paid for.

I know this is nothing important in the grand scheme of things. But my emotions aren't good at listening to reason. It took all my effort, and an hour's writing, to get my initial rant into an orderly letter suitable for emailing. Now my head hurts and I feel sick. Why do I let myself get so upset about little things?

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