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Just to let you know, I have been posting to livejournal but not actually reading. This is because I've been spending an awful lot of time on buses and trains, which is good for tapping entries into my Windows Mobile Device (TM), but not for reading lj, as I still haven't found a style that is usable on the tiny screen. I think I'm about three weeks behind, and I can't see me catching up anytime soon. Also haven't read email in about five weeks. So if there is anything you want me to know (or even if you just want to say hi), comment with a message or a link to journal entries you think I should read. Comments screened for now, will be unscreened if innocuous.

Insane busyness will continue until Wednesday 6th June - after that less insane busyness will continue until Monday 25th June, then I have several weeks of blissful boredom (I hope). Looking forward to the end of June, except that some of my horrible students are still in no fit state to be taking an exam in two weeks, so it feels unfair to them to wish the next couple of weeks away. And as well as work-for-money we have work to do on our house and the flat we used to live in and argh. Sleep, it is for ze weak.
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