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we are all such geeks

irc transcript from #soc.bi, just now:
[23:26] * Otterylexa talks to the object of poing on the phone
[23:28] * astalice giggles at the Otterylexa talking to the object of poing
[23:28] * Otterylexa grins*
[23:29] * fluffymormegil emits happy fluffy poly squee
[23:30] * Otterylexa absorbs a squeeon and emits an poingon
[23:32] astalice: lol!
[23:32] astalice: i am so putting that in livejournal
[23:32] fluffymormegil :)
[23:32] Otterylexa :-P

[23:41] astalice: gah! i keep missing "amused" in the mood drop-down
[23:41] astalice: it won't work at all if i pick "aggravated" or "angry" by mistake!
Tags: dangerously nerdy, lexa, polyamory, yes i'm a geek

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