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notes on living with Richard

Yesterday [0] I wrote a web forum post about human cloning. I wanted Richard to read it to see if it was comprehensible to non-scientists. So I asked him "What's your cell biology like?". He answered "Non-existent", before correcting himself to "Much like any other wuzzie's." Yes indeed, Richard is made of wuzzie cells, which are principally proteins, carbohydrates, fats and water...

Richard is back from his trip to Germany with his other girlfriend [1]. He reports they stayed in a Center Parks, which was mostly civilised. However, he had some trouble with the All You Can Eat buffet.:
"What's this?"
"How about this?"
"And, er, this?"
"Meat, wrapped in meat."

Apparently, he is pleased to be home with me, where I will feed him vegetables.

Mind you, Ludy reports that plumsbitch coined a phrase "meatamours" - for when your partner is vegetarian but your partner's partner is an omnivore. Richard is now thinking that the next time I go to see Ludy, he's going to grab Alexa and go out on a Meat Date. Well, once he's recovered from the All You Can Meat buffet, that is.

[0] 3 days ago, now, as I wrote this entry 2 days ago but didn't get round to posting it, as dealing with Microsoft ActiveSync took too much effort for my then state-of-brain.

[1] Although Richard is monogamous with people, he's so not monogamous. His three partners are me, his machines, and paintball. I suspect we're all about equal in his affections. Some women would find it offensive to have to share their man with a lathe and milling machine, but I'm enough of a geek to get the attraction. Fortunately.
Tags: dangerously nerdy, polyamory, wuzzie

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