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achieving order from chaos

Today, Richard & I have mostly been doing battle with entropy. We sorted out & took four large bags of junk to the charity shops that were open on a Sunday (Oxfam and the Romanian Orphan shop), and have put an enormous bag of stuff outside for the Heart Foundation people to collect tomorrow; and have put tons of junk mail in the recycling and shredded three binbags-full of old paperwork. The house is still a freaking mess though :/

We have tons of stuff to Freecycle too. If you know anyone who'd like a load of Education in Science journals, secondary school teaching materials, many many Jiffy bags & other useful eBay-selling packaging materials, and, eventually, an Ikea wooden-framed single loft bed and matching wardrobe that fits underneath, point them in my direction. I also have a woman's framed Duke of Edinburgh's Award-style rucksack, which is either 50 or 60 litres - the woman's framing means it is designed for a shorter person and the straps are in slightly different places to account for a female-bodied centre of gravity. I think it cost something like £80 or £100 when I bought it 15 years ago for D of E, and I've used it maybe four times on my Bronze and Silver expeditions, and it's no good at all to me now with my back.

I think we're going to buy a new vacuum cleaner tomorrow. Woo. The excitement of my domestic life!
Tags: house, just another boring life update, second law of thermodynamics

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