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I'm about to disappear for a few days.

Well, it seems that the idiots at Richard's work won't be preventing us from going to Alton Towers after all. We're leaving in a few hours, on a horribly early train, and getting back very late on Friday, unless we decide to stay an extra day. So we'll be off in the wilds of a small Staffordshire village with no net access, Playstation or Dreamcast for a whole night! Whatever will we do with our time?

I think we'll probably be sleeping, because I've had no sleep tonight, and theme parks are pretty exhausting. Also, we want to get up as early as possible on Friday, as our season passes qualify us for the Extra Ride Time at 9am - basically half an hour's exclusive time on Nemesis and Oblivion, the two most outrageous rollercoasters, before they open to the general public. I don't know if my stomach would be able to handle either at that sort of time, but it's worth a shot :)

So following that we'll be spending most of the weekend asleep. Especially as Richard is off to Berlin on Monday for work - leaving here at about 3am because his stupid work have booked him on a flight from "London" Stanstead, which is actually the furthest possible airport from where we live, other than Edinburgh. I mean, we live half an hour from Heathrow, and where do they book him a ticket from? An airport on the other side of the country. We think that the taxi fares to get there will be as much as the actual flight. And 'cos he'll need to be there at 5am to check in, he can't even take the train, as there aren't trains at that time of day. Bah. Idiots!

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