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ikea ate my brain

Argh. Sometimes I go to Ikea and have a really great time & buy all kinds of cool things I didn't previously know I needed. Other times I go and it's close to the living embodiment of Hell. Guess what it was like today?

It was far too hot, bright and noisy, so I spent most of the time feeling sick and dizzy. I couldn't make out half of what Richard was saying and had to keep asking him to repeat. Half of the items we specifically went to buy had been discontinued, and the other half was impossible to find. Like, it was supposed to be in aisle 06 space 11 but turned out to be in aisle 10 space 25 or whatever. Some other things were simply out of stock.

I'm pretty annoyed about the BILLY bookcases. BILLY is the range of bookcases they've done for 25 years, and we have two BILLYs in black-brown. I wanted to buy a third to go with them. Well, for some reason, they've discontinued black-brown in that range, even though they only introduced it 3 years ago - and instead they're doing plain black, which is shiny rather than matt and doesn't go with the black-brown at atll. However, they are now doing black-brown in several of their new ranges - principally BESTA, which seems to be the new iconic Storage Solution (TM), as well as having introduced it into several old ranges that were previously only available in light colours (MALM and BONDE - both of which we have but in birch). Why have they discontinued black-brown in BILLY? I'd understand if they'd discontinued the colour altogether, but no.

So now I'm either going to have to make do with the short BILLY I have, or buy a double-width short BESTA instead. As BILLY is 104cm high, 80cm wide and 30cm deep, while BESTA is 128cm high by 60cm wide and 40cm deep, there's no way I can put a BILLY and a BESTA next to each other and expect them to match. This will mean junking the short BILLY with doors, which is a waste, as there's nowhere else in that room it could go. And the rest of the house is done in birch, so we can't even move it to another room. *grumble grumble grumble*

We did buy a tall narrow BESTA though. I think it's 196cm high by 60 cm wide and 20 cm deep. This is ideal for storing CDs, and will mean getting rid of the utterly awful unfinished wood BOALT CD racks (number = 5).

We also bought a DAGRON which is almost the living embodiment of Trogdor the Burninator. All it needs is the beefy arm out the back of its neck for good measure :)
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