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I'm very bad at starting things.

My website, which is currently in web-hell (it _is_ online, but the URL is long and convoluted, and I doubt anyone would be able to find it without asking), features many pieces of writing which start off with the obligatory apology about how hard I find it to start doing things. Someone on alt.poly summed it up for me recently: I suffer from inertia.

Getting started on things is damned hard. But once I get past the initial energy barrier, I can keep going pretty easily.

The problem with keeping a diary is that every new entry has an energy barrier of its own.

I've tried several times to keep a paper diary: the longest I've ever managed was a couple of months. I have a few of my old diaries here, and they're interesting - it's amazing how little I needed to write to be reminded of some days. I haven't actually tried the online diary thing before. I _did_ try the "email to all my random friends letting them know what's happening in my life" thing, but the problem with that was that I couldn't send out an email for something relatively unimportant, and by the time I got round to typing it all out and sending it, I was ending up sending a mammoth email once every three months. Which of course, no one ever got round to replying to, because they wanted to reply to _everything_, and they all have energy barriers of their own... hmmm.

A couple of my friends have diaries here, and I thought I'd take the plunge and do something. Not least of all because I don't have the energy at the moment to do the major changes I want to do before my website comes out of web-hell (the changes I want to make are graphical, and I'm not a good artist - it takes me _ages_ to create graphics that I like), but I still want to have some sort of web presence. Egotistical, moi? :)

So here it is.

Now I just have to tweak the colours and suchlike so that the pages look ok: I've spent about an hour reading the FAQs and newbie info, and I still can't work out how to do half the things I want to do. Oh well. Let's send this, and see how it goes...

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