helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

nothing is ever on time

Ludy got a phone call from the hospital this morning wanting her to go in & get her wisdom teeth out on Tuesday! (they had a cancellation). This is a good thing because her teeth have been very difficult lately, but argh! So her flat needs to get tidied enough for omangel to stay, to look after Sylvia (cat) and doped-up Ludy! This would be wonderful if it wasn't for the fact that all the furniture in two rooms is piled into the middle of the room to allow access to wash & paint the walls. Also oilrig is going to the Download Festival this weekend, so is not available for moving stuff. Argh!

I took some more photos but can't post them from the train; suffice to say the walls and ceiling are still too filthy to allow simply painting over the lot to be an option. I washed an area of 1m^2 with a clean sponge and the rinsing water turned the colour of black coffee. Nice.

Back in a few days, again.
Tags: diy, ludy

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