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I keep writing livejournal entries in my head while doing DIY and not having the time to type them up, then forgetting what it was I intended to post. It's very annoying. I also have a vast backlog of photos to copy over from my camera, resize/crop, upload & annotate. Not sure when I'll get round to them, way too tired these past weeks.

I'm basically ok. Managed to eat, have a hot shower, put on laundry and do the washing up (dishes to the Americans) by 00:22. Now I'm sitting here chatting, playing Sims 2, and waiting for a friend's news.

My mum & I painted a load of walls today. Ludy has had her wisdom teeth removed and is back home already. Alexa is in France. Richard is on a mission to the 24-hour shop to buy chocolate.

Update: Richard is back from his chocolate mission. "It just occurred to me. Cadbury's Dairy Milk. How have they got away with that tautology for 150 years? I mean, 150 years ago, they didn't have soy milk or rice milk or oat milk.

Or fish milk."
Tags: diy, just another boring life update
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