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shiny new VAX and boots

When did I turn into such a boring individual? I'm excited about the new vacuum cleaner we bought. It's a Vax Swift Zero, and it's sexy. All blue, and shiny, with a headlight on the front. And the HEPA filter is a washable plastic filter, much more environmentally friendly than the yearly disposable paper filter on our old Swift. While the dust canister has a "spring action" bottom, so there's no need to shake it into the rubbish bag and breathe in a load of the dust - you just hold the canister over the bag and press the button to pop off the bottom. It rocks.

I am also ridiculously excited by my new purple boots, which are purple and shiny and sooo comfortable. And 10 hole! I've previously only worn 8 hole, but the fake leather is so soft that the extra height doesn't seem to make much difference. I'm thinking about getting another pair in blue, but unfortunately they only come in dark colours: black, brown, purple, blue and green. I'd really like a pair in fluorescent pink, but I guess there aren't that many veggie girls who wear hot pink. Perhaps I should start a petition, although if I got together enough people who wanted hot pink boots for it to be worth doing a production run, the boots wouldn't be unique any more. Hrm.

I can't decide about the tomato red 8 hole boots. Red isn't a colour I normally wear, as it tends to clash with pink. They're very shiny, though.

By the way, does anyone Canadian or not-Canadian-but-attending-the-wedding want anything brought over from the UK? We'll probably have some space in our luggage, as Richard is Not A Girl so packs light.
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