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a shame about the weather

Last Thursday was my birthday. The day was spectacularly quiet, but in the evening 8 of us (me, wuzzie, otterylexa, artremis, meeping, gerwinium, hatter & bfo) went to 222. Dinner was perfect, and it was just the right number of people - so most of the time there were no more than two separate conversations on the table, and everyone could talk to everyone else. I did feel a bit sorry for Ludy, though, sitting between Richard & Marcus, as they've been co-conspirators since 1994 but haven't actually lived together these past 9 years. So they were getting louder and louder and louder, and Ludy had forgotten her earplugs. Oh well.

I got some nice presents, including a Wii plus the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess from Richard, and Eledees from Tim & Peter, and an octopus t-shirt from Richard's sister A. Ludy bought me Montezuma's chocolate and the foulest-smelling Lush product EVER! Fortunately, it's supposed to smell that bad, and it may turn out to be a useful natural replacement for the evil green seborrhoeic dermatitis shampoo that I'm forced to use to get my hair clean.

As is typical for my birthday, it was grey and cloudy for half the day, chucking it down with rain for a quarter, and reasonably warm and sunny for the rest of it. I always thought the fact I've only had three or four dry birthdays in my life was me being paranoid or misremembering, but apparently there's a great deal of historical precedent. Apparently there is actual scientific reasoning for why the end of June is so rotten weather-wise! You have to wonder why they insist on holding Wimbledon and Glastonbury at this time of year when the meteorologists consider it "monsoon season".
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