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driving on Canada Day - just say no - helen-louise
driving on Canada Day - just say no
For future reference: Do not attempt to go anywhere by motor vehicle on Canada Day!

Today we drove from Hamilton to Niagara Falls. According to the Canadian who was driving, it should take half an hour with no traffic. He estimated that with Canada Day tourist traffic, it'd take around an hour. In fact, it took 2 hours - an hour and a half to get from Stoney Creek to the edge of Niagara, then half an hour to crawl 2 miles. Joy oh joy.

As we were already running late, Richard & I did not have time to actually "do" any of the tourist activities in Niagara. While the Rough Guide to Toronto said the Maid of the Mist boat trip is unmissable, I don't get on with boats at all. I am "famous" for my ability to feel seasick in Poole Harbour, which is as flat as a pancake, and less deep in places than I am tall. I did rather want to go on the Journey Behind The Falls (and get very wet), and we both wanted to go and look at the hydroelectric power plant, but we only really had time for dinner. Well, now I can say I have seen Niagara Falls. But it was at rather a distance.

We may try to juggle the things we had planned for the next few days of the trip and go back to Niagara on Wednesday. Have to check out the bus and train timetables. Problem is, Richard is flying out on Wednesday night, and if the traffic of today is anything to go by, we can only make the journey if we leave really early.

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okoshun From: okoshun Date: 2nd July 2007 10:42 (UTC) (Link)
If you do take the bus, you may find the one that goes to the Fallsview Casino which is the most convenient (location-wise) as its right on the strip (compared to the bus station which would require a cab ride). Of course, there aren't as many buses compared to regular service to Niagara Falls, ON proper.
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