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Ahhh, anticlimax - how I hate thee so :P

My trip was really great, but now I'm at home, on my own. I've been around people for ten days, seeing friends and places I don't usually get to see, so now I feel bored and lonely. And I didn't make plans for this week with people here because I didn't know how long it would take to get over jet lag. I wasn't expecting to come home, sleep until 11.30pm, wake up & eat then fall asleep again at 2am and sleep until the morning :/

I have several hundred photos to upload and annotate, and three completely-written livejournal entries to post, plus a few more that are in my head; but my metaphorical Fun and Social bars are too low for me to want to do that right now. Guess I'd better force myself out of the house to buy food. Blah.
Tags: mental health, moaning

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